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Faith is the root and mother of all virtues. Many Christians spend their lives trying to find the answer to faith and grace. In their quest to abide by what the Almighty says in the Holy Book, many Christians find themselves confused. The Bible talks about virtues that all Christians should have. These virtues have been mentioned in a number of scriptures including Proverbs 1:7 and Peter 1:3-4. These scriptures are devoted to explaining the importance of grace to every Christian. As the apostle Peter said, faith without action is dead, so can be said for grace. As it is the actions of a person that determine whether they have grace of the Lord or not. In this regard, the Christian graces website focuses on a number of issues pertaining to the life of a Christian. Grace being the most important virtue and has to be exercised on a regular basis. According to the apostle Peter, God provided a revelation sufficient to save humankind from sin. In return, the human race is to give all diligence. In this regard, there is no room for indolence in serving the Lord, and all Christians are called to be diligent in their service to the Almighty. In essence, when a man shows no diligence, there is lack of appreciation for what the Almighty has done. The Christian graces website is devoted to bringing to light the plight from homeless persons to children. In so doing, the website’s creators are exercising diligence as commanded by the Almighty through the apostle Peter. It is said that it is only from faith that spiritual graces spring. Thus, faith is a fundamental concept in acquiring grace for any Christian. By definition, the word virtue refers to manly courage, which in turn means to stand for one’s conviction.

In exercising spiritual grace and faith, there must be knowledge. In this regard, the Christian graces website teaches Christians how to care for the less fortunate in society. According to the Biblical scripture of Romans 10;17, virtue cannot exist where there is no knowledge. Thus, a Christian’s faith must be founded on the word of the Almighty. While the courageous stand for spiritual darkness, the gracious stand on the word of God. This is a requirement for a Christian to walk in the path that God has outlined for them. Temperance is a word used in reference to self-control. This word can be translated to mean a person’s subduing of their passions to bring them in tandem with those of God. This is what the apostle Paul did. According to the apostle, self-control need be practiced in every sphere of a Christian’s life. That Christians should be able to do things in moderation. In the absence of temperance, there is no knowledge and thus no practice. A Christian may teach the truth but not live it. This is why the Christian graces website exercises its own ways by bringing to attention the struggles of children, homeless persons and other less fortunate persons in the society. Every day, so many ordinary people do extraordinary work. Some do not even derive any monetary gains from these acts of kindness, but they derive immense satisfaction from helping others. They engage daily in selfless giving. Little by little, they are building society by practicing Christian virtues.